1. Thank you Father for Michael, the man of God, You have created. Michael, you are a blessing and inspiration to many. The way you targeted the prophetic voice was truely of God. My husband, Jacob (Israel), and I are moving forward and encouraged by the word. Thank you and may the blessings of God become manifest in your life daily.

  2. Here is a quick testimony from some of the prophecies you have given me in the past and how the Lord has manifested their fulfillment.

    April 2003 at Calvary Temple…..You picked me out of the crowd and said 5, 5 weeks, 5 months…5 months ago i see you in a hospital bed with tubes running in and out of you…..the enemy tried to take your life….I say no pain no gain…Then you begin to say to me that the move of God would come in my ministry differently than i thought it would…It will come through the children and youth…then you spoke about God raising up the five fold ministry under my leadership….

    I had an unexpected surgery in Nov. 2002. A blood clot in my stomach. The doctors said it was a miracle that i made it. If we had gone a couple more days I would have died! I had never thought of the move of God coming to our ministry through the youth and kids….In our last church we had a strong ministry to teens and God has now brought us to an area filled with teens and children…
    The five-fold word that you spoke has been something that has been on my heart for years…
    In June 2007 over the phone you had told me that “God had a face lift and heart shift” for me. In March of 2008 I started losing weight (i have always been a little heavy)….And by Aug. 2008 I had lost about 40 lbs….as of now i am a total of 50lbs. smaller! In Aug. 2008 the Lord really did a deep renewing work in my heart with much repentance a new zeal for evangelism and the Lord called me to shift from Pastoring revitalization works to Church planting. We are now planting in Medina, Tenn. since March 2009.

    In Oct. 2008 over the phone you shared with me from zech. 4. You said” Candlestick” The Lord says he is going to use you like a candlestick to show the leaders of the A/G some things. You said March, April, May… God is going to move for you. April will be really big.

    God has caused some issues to surface in the Tenn. Church planting dept. concerning how we handle the process of church planting and how we go about funding them. As a matter of fact the whole process is under review by the Executive Board! These things came to light as a result of things that happened with us in our move. It has not been pleasant but positive changes will be the result. These changes should make church planting in the Tenn. District A/G much better for all the future church planters and church plants!!!
    Janna and I had been praying fervently to move by Dec. 21, 2008…But true to the word of the Lord we moved on March the 5, 2009. April was a really big month for us as much money flowed in, and somethings that needed to happen did!

    I hope this encourages you …we need this powerful gift of the Prophet in the Church today! It makes a difference!!!

    Be blessed, and have a great day!

    III John 2

  3. Me and my husband enjoyed your preaching at Cornerstone Ministries last sunday in August 23. you always have a good word to bring forth.

  4. Have prayed for you since your (rest)! Like to know now whats up. Like to give you up date. Like you to know you are still loved! Like to know if the last cd has made it. Like to know your prayer request.My son Micah will go in July to Dom. Republic with KSBJ and Jackie Valasquez. I have a happy heart to have found you. I will let the others here know where you are. God Bless You in every way my brother in Christ.

  5. Mr. Griffin is a 77 years old an through the years he has lost his zeal for
    God. He was dismiss from his church because his wife was a preacher. The
    church body that he attended, imformed him that if he was going to stay in church,
    he would have to leave his family. He decided to stay with his family and left the

    When Michael came to Agape Church, he (Mr. Griffin) heard
    him preach. It lit that fire of zeal back in him for the Lord. He
    smiles now and even has a dance step when he hears praise and worship
    music. He love’s to hear the word of God thru Michael. So now when he hears
    that Michael is close, he wants to go and hear what the Lord has to say
    thru him. Michael,your are a true man of God. And the anionting of the
    Lord is upon you. God Bless you !!!

  6. Just wanted to give thanks for two awesome services Jan. 30 th and 31st. The Prophetic Words that came forth were truly God sent and are accomplishing what they were sent to do. We at Living Waters Church are looking forward to the next time you will be with us.

  7. I would like to thank everyone who has said a prayer for my dog to be returned. this morning, two weeks and one day after she disappeared, i went out to look for her. after going the wrong way three times, i fell in a creek and had to go back to the car. and she was sitting by the car. so, God works in His own time and His own way, and if He has to dump you in a freezing creek to make you go where He wants you to go, He will — anyway, she’s fine and she hasn’t gone wild, and she will be ok. so, glory to God, and thank you all for praying with me.

  8. It was truly a privilege and an honor to minister with you guys at True Vine Fellowship Oct.3rd & 4th. Many, many lives were forever changed, including mine.

  9. I was of a different planet until I found out that I wasn’t the only one believing in the finished works of God. God bless you and your wife as you take the time to declare Christ in this day,his day,today, NOW!!!

  10. My name is Tina and my husbands name is Rod. Michael is truly an awesome prophet of God.
    A little over a year ago, the first time he visited, he pulled Rod out of the crowd. We
    did not know him at all and were in praise and worship when he came to him and asked him
    if he owned his own business. Rod told him yes and he said he had a word for Rod. He put
    us up front and continued walking around and pulled one or two others also from the crowd.
    He came back to us and said God says you have been faithful in little, I will bless you
    with much. Enlarge your tent, diversify, I see big, big, big contracts. That is basically
    all we can remember but it was awesome.

    We had been praying for God to enlarge our tent. When he said big, big, contracts, we thought
    highway road contracts because we are in the highway road construction business. A few months
    later Rod was awaken from his sleep and had been dreaming that God told him he would do road
    construction in a Middle Eastern country that would be an oil rich country, that he would
    construct airport runways, that the country would be attracted to us from our work here, and
    he would deal with a President or Prime Minister of that country.

    Eight months later a gentleman showed up on Rod’s job looking for work. He is
    from Africa. He would not leave the job for 3 days till Rod talked to him, and told him that
    his brother-in-law was the president of the Republic of Congo. He said they had plenty of road
    construction work and airport runways. Rod then told him about his dream. His name is Madou.
    Alot of things have happened and been prophesied to us and we have partnered with Madou and
    his wife to bring lumber in from the Congo. We are looking at getting alot of big contracts in
    other business with them as well; ie., oil, diamonds, bamboo for furniture.

    We would love to sit down with Michael and share, and that we know this was
    all from God. We are lifting him up in prayer constantly. We know the devil
    attacks those who are walking in obedience to God with such strong spiritual
    gifts. He has got to know that if the devil didn’t attack him he is not doing
    God’s work. We count it all joy! We know 1st hand now how tough it can be but
    staying faithful to our God we are victorious. I heard a young prophet at our
    church say we are not after the victory, God has already won that for us we are
    looking to receive the manifistation and walking in that victory, receiving it
    for ourselves and our family.

    I hope this helps Michael to know that he is a true man of God.

    Be blessed in the Lord.

  11. My heart soars with excitement and appreciation toward God that you are back preaching and
    evangelizing. Your ministry is unique and much needed in today’s world.

    Many times I have been blessed by your ministry. Like many others, I have nothing but the greatest appreciation for you and
    your ministry. When you were at Eagle’s Nest, God was dealing with me about the need to break some long time ties and place myself
    under different spiritual leadership and I was not around much, but it was not because I didn’t have an appreciation for your ministry.
    There is only one Michael Constantine and I thank God that you are out there preaching again.

    If you have an email or mailing list, please add my name and address. Also, I hope that you do not mind if I share your web
    site and email address with others who would appreciate your ministry.

  12. Thank You so much for working through the attacks satan threw at you the last few years. You are a gift to the Body of Christ. It was wonderful to see you back in the ministrty. I feel your preaching is better than before. I know God has begun an awesome restoration in your ministry, your life and you!

    Thank You again for pressing through.

    Also, I have listened to the CD several times and it is wonderful. It creates a great atmosphere for worship and prayer.

  13. I believe with the kind of annointing in your life ( the big work God has done in you ( cleansing fire of God)would be a blessing unto the church, Which is more confirmation to what god is doing in his latter day church.

    You are right on with what the Holy Spirit is wanting & doing in these last days . He is doing a shaking & a twisting unto the people of God( His latter day saints & people of God. He’s taking his pulpits back & coming back without spot or wrinkle. Wake up America! He says. I’m coming back for my people I say again without spot or wrinkle . Do not be shy in what I tell you to give to my church( my people. For I have called you out to go out to the nation! Go forth my son Go forth & see whatI have instore for thee for my people, for my people perish with lack of knowledge so Go Forth My Son for what I’ve called you out to do my servant! For this is the King of All Kings & The Lord Of All Lords Speaking unto you today my son.