Happy Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving may be out of the ordinary — with Y2K around the corner — with bills staring us in the face — with families in crisis — with loss of jobs, church splits and unpaid taxes — with health problems. If you can identify with this list, you may be asking yourself what you have to be happy about.

The Awake America bunch from Florida was just here with their revelation of you only go to hell if you want to. They reinforced for me the idea that really and truly this life is but a vapor, and we one day soon will see the Lord face to face.

I know this is Bible 101 for you, however, sometimes we need to be reminded of the fact that Jesus has made a way for us. The Apostle Peter tells us that we suffer according to the will of GOD that He might establish, strengthen, settle and perfect us.

Yes I know we live in a time of great revelation of the Word and understanding of gifts and times, but I will not be negligent to remind you always of these things though you know them, and are established in present day truth.

There is one truth that should never grow old to you and that one is the basic truth that we are not going to go to hell. As a matter of fact, the gates of hell cannot prevail against us.
Yes, we sometimes suffer, and we are sometimes surrounded and perplexed by problems, but we must keep in mind that nothing has or ever will come against us that didn’t come against Jesus. What shall we say about all these things? If Christ be for us then who can be against us?

Because of that knowledge, I can confidently say HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Trusting steadfastly in Him,

Michael Constantine

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