Living Outside the 3rd Dimension

Life as most of us know it is on a three dimensional scale. The 1st dimension is nothing more than a two dots on a page followed by a connecting line between these two dots, which in turn forms, what we call the 2nd dimension. Such as, photographs, movie screens, computer screens, etc.


And, of course, you and I along with tangible objects such as the pencil on your desk make up the 3rd dimension. There is a 4th dimension also, referred to as the spirit world, the unseen world and so on. This is the place where angles are seen, and miracles manifest.

Enoch stepped over into this dimension and the Lord said, since your here so much you might as well just stay. Let’s explore this with the concept that if Enoch did this then why can’t we?
After you listen to the podcast we have a short 5-minute video for you to click on and watch, which will simplify this a great deal!

As promised, check out this video…

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