It Must Be Dealt With

I wanted to go back a little further than that to another war. This war came to be known as the “Gulf War”. When the bombing of Baghdad started, we had the support of the United Nations as well as an alliance with the Mid East countries, who allowed the allies use of their airspace and airfields.

We did not go far enough. We saw the withdrawal from Kuwait, but we left Sadam in command. Now, twelve years later, the problem still exists. Only now, it will be much more costly to do the same job that needed be done then.

We no longer have the support of the Mid East countries. The problem still remains and grows stronger everyday it’s not dealt with. The fact remains, however; then or now, now or later, “it must be dealt with”.

The longer it’s put off the more difficult it becomes, until Sadam inevitably gains a nuclear device. Then it’s too late. The results could become catastrophic to our friends on the borders of Iraq, and drawing the U.S. into it anyway.

My point is simple. When something needs to be dealt with, “it must be dealt with”. We are in a season of the dealings of God. It’s never the spiritual, but the natural that is first. Although, I do not believe that September the eleventh was a judgment of God. It was, however, allowed by God. Now is the season to allow the Lord to deal with you in those areas you find uncomfortable. If left unchallenged, it will become more and more difficult. The Lord’s light is shining on the potential desert shields of our lives before they become desert storms which progress into the scar of a Gulf War. He always does this before He creates “a movement“.

The Lord is now putting His armies in place, giving us His airspace and His airfields in which to launch this new attack on the Kingdom of Darkness. If something needs to be dealt with you will be able to. We must however be dealt with first. My word to you then is simple, if “it must be dealt with” DEAL WITH IT!


After going through a year and six months of restoration I have been given an even more expanded vision for the local church. I have a strong new desire to pour myself into the small, as well as the larger ones.

I want to go to the small churches, making disciples of the young musicians and young and upcoming preachers. There are funds needed to keep ministry and vision alive. We don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that a new church of twenty or thirty can not afford a traveling ministry. With your help though, it can be possible.
There is one church in particular that I am drawn to. It’s in a small town in Southern Illinois in the town of Pittsburgh. It has one gas pump, one small store, and no post office. The population is about eight hundred.

My heart has been attached to these thirty-five to forty pioneers who are trying to establish a prophetic church with prophetic music and teaching. When I go, they run from fifty-five to sixty people and we are seeing growth. My mission is to go as often as possible. “It must be dealt with”.
As you support Warriors you are now supporting small churches like the Lighthouse in Pittsburgh. With your help, we can touch these churches. Also, there are several in Houston that I connected with on my last visit.

I am coming to Houston and will be there September 19 – 23. Then, I will return the first two weeks in October. You can go the website for times and directions. Our chief of staff, Ronnie McKay, is doing a fine job with keeping up the site. You may speak to Ronnie directly at 281-579-6299. The website address is: or

I look forward to seeing you again and thank you for making me feel so welcome on my visit to Houston in August. I was so nervous that I couldn’t sleep, not knowing whether you would receive me or not. But you were there with open arms, and for that, I am so blessed to be able to even write to you.

May the Lord continue to bless you full on, in your face, in you, on you, around you, through you, and to you.

Sincerely yours,
Michael Constantine

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