Lazarus, Come Forth!

There are people in this world who live a life of luxury all day, all night, all week, all month, all year, and so on. They can’t relate to the life of an average man. Through the process of time we, with our beggar’s mentality, become dismayed, because there are wicked wealthy men in this world who wear Georgio Armani suits, Versace shirts, Gucci shoes, Rolex watches, and expensive Italian ties. In our opinion, the rich don’t seem to get sick or have worries like us, because, after all, they eat the finest food in the finest restaurants, wear the finestt clothing and drive (or are driven) in the finest cars. But, back at the gatre, we act like beggars, laying sick, full of sores.

What is it that has made you sore? What is the wound you are nursing? The Bible says LAZARUS was laid at the gate. He didn’t go through the gate! LAZARUS didn’t know that Genesis 22:17 says we “shall process the gates of our enemies.” That’s the “enemies’gate”, not “Bill Gates”. The rich man is not your enemy.

The Bible says LAZARUS desired the crumbs. Did you hear that! He desired crumbs! Why? Because, he was full of sores. A sore means “to be ulcerated, drawn up.” LAZARUS was like that on the inside – ulcerated and drawn up.

The Bible says the beggar died and was in Abraham’s bosom. LAZARUS was a righteous man, not an evil man. But being righteous doesn’t change your mind about being full of sores – the sore of being molested, being in prison, being bankrupt, pregnant out-of-wedlock, divorced, abandoned, raped, lied about, stolen from!” There is one thing about having sores – there are plenty of dogs that will want to lick them and keep bringing them up. They’ll even delight being your phone companions. They’ll remind you of every mistake and failure you’ve ever had. You’ll find yourself saying, “I’d do something for the Lord, If only I’d have … It might be time for you to make some new friends who won’t constantly lick at the sores of your past, but will encourage you to step up to the Master’s table where you belong! LAZARUS, COME FORTH! COME away from the dogs who plague you with your past failures, defeats and shortcomings. COME FORTH and enter into the “Zoe” life – God’s absolute life. Remember it was Jesus Christ Himself who paid the price for your admission! Remember who you are in Jesus – an overcomer, more than a conqueror, the head and not the tail, above only and not beneath, seated with Christ in heavenly places, having the mind of Christ and holding the thoughts, purposes and intents of His heart, possessing all things for life and godliness, the apple of God’s eye!COME FORTH into resurrection life!


Sincerely yours,
Michael Constantine

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