What's The Lord Sayin

What’s the Lord Sayin’?

First of all promotion does not come from the east, west or south, promotion comes from God. He moves one man up and another man down.

This scripture in and of itself answers the question, who puts someone in the White House? Do you think that this caught the Lord off guard or did He not hear the conservative evangelical side of the platform argument?

During this time, well meaning front line preachers have said, “the church did not pray enough”. Well the truth is the church never prays enough, however, the Lord is in control and the lack of or abundance of prayer did not contribute to the outcome. Go back to I Samuel 8 thru 11 and I believe we find the answer.

Before I go any further let me say I did not vote for President elect Obama, however he is my soon to be residing President of the United States of America. That makes him “our President.” Make no mistake. As for “me and my house” we will support our President unless he disqualifies himself.

1 Samuel 8 says the people have gone to Samuel the prophet saying, “we want a king like everyone else.” When Samuel went to God with this the Lord said they have not rejected you Samuel they have rejected me. Nevertheless, they want a king I will give them one.

He gave them Saul who was the tallest most handsome man in Israel. I read it this way “he was a tall, dark handsome man.”

When Samuel anointed him as king over Israel the word states that when Saul turned around the Lord changed his heart.

The moment that President elect Obama is sworn in (anointed by our magistrates.) after taking the oath on the same King James Bible that Abraham Lincoln was sworn in on, and when he will turns around to leave the platform, the Lord will put a new heart in him.

1 Samuel 10 tells how the Prophets came down from the mountain playing their guitars, tambourines and percussion instruments and doing what the prophets do, “PROPHESYING” that Saul was turned into another man.

1 Sam 11 states that Nahash wanted to take the right eye out of all the men of the tribe of Benjamin. This is the eye that looked over the shield during battle while keeping the left eye covered (the name Nahash means: serpent, to hiss and practice divination). When King Saul heard about Nahash, the bible says the Spirit of the Lord came upon him and his anger was kindled, meaning he became enraged and set on fire.

Saul’s downfall came when he feared the voice of the people more than the voice of God. This must be our prayer. “Obama will not listen to any voice but the Lords.”

Now is when we need to pray with fervency. We have Israel and Gaza, a trillion dollar deficit and a worldwide let alone a U.S economic recession facing him. And he has not yet taken office. Suffice it to say, his plate is full. We are on the threshold of spiritual reformation in this country. Brace yourselves; it’s a monumental time.

We must keep the praise on and sing prophetically; Lord change our president into another man. Turn up the volume America and shout to the Lord. Change into another man!

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