Was This How Adams Mind Worked

Was This How Adam’s Mind Worked?

I came across a video recently about a young man by the name of Daniel Tammet. Young Daniel is what is called a savant. The word savant as defined by Webster means a person of profound or extensive learning; learned scholar.

However Daniel was 4 years old when news of his extraordinary gift was realized. So in 2002 they came to test him. Along with the testers they brought a calculator and the contest was on.
His first task was to multiply 37 times itself four times in his head. About 5 seconds later his answer was 1,874,161. This continued until he was able to calculate past the ability of a computer when asked to divide numbers.

While using his fingers as if to draw lines on a table he was asked why do you do this? His answer was “I see pictures”. He went on to explain it. The numbers, color flashes and symbols that give him a clear vision of the answers to the questions being proposed to him.

Daniel’s gift did not stop with numbers. He is able to speak nine different languages and has the ability to learn any new language in seven days. As you could readily guess this was also tested and he learned Icelandic in this seven day period under the observation of a team of linguist.
The final analysis of Daniel in their own words was that “Daniel defies scientific evaluation”. Pi is the circumference of a circle divided by its diameter. The number 3.14 seems to be infinite. He was able to calculate up to 22,500 decimal places.

When asked about what exactly he sees he was able to explain in great detail. He said the number 6 was his least favorite because it was dark and almost like a black hole. This was especially interesting to me because the number 6 represents the number of man.
Let’s ponder all this for just a moment. Although I am not intending to make a doctrine out of this or immortalize Daniel. However, through this video, (because of the way my mind works) I was able to catch a glimpse at just how wonderfully made you and I are. We were created with a mind to catch and hold immense calculations, store and access memory that has not been programmed by the science of man, but the reality of God.

The next time you are figuring out your check book, memorizing a bible verse or looking for your keys remember this. You have the mind of Christ and if young Daniel has this ability without the Holy Ghost (as I understand it) then how much more can we achieve with the presence of the Spirit of God living in us.
Truly, limitations have been put on us by us. Do you believe the Lord is able to do exceedingly beyond what we think or ask? Those are His words. Dust your Bible off and turn to the book of Ephesians and read it for yourself. It’s in there “all things are possible to him who believes”

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