Beyond The Call Of Duty

Beyond the Call of Duty

In January of this year my son, Joshua, was wounded while on patrol in In Sadr City, Iraq. The bullet went through a wall then into his chest and exited out two places, his arm and his back. I understand this was an armor-piercing round, which is not supposed to break up on contact. Thank you Jesus, it did!

I received the phone call from a Sgt. in Virginia that said that Joshua was listed in very serious condition. They told me he could not be medivaced until he was stable. It was five days later that he was sent to a hospital in Germany. Thank you Jesus. He recovered quickly and wanted to be back with his troops, so that is where he currently is. Protect him Jesus!

He received a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart for going beyond the call of duty with no regard for his personal safety. Thank you Jesus.

Please pray for my son’s safety as well as all of our sons in harms way. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My son is alive today because of your prayers.

This is a recognition letter of service from his 1st Sgt. Mizell

Under threat of continuous enemy fire along Route GOLD, including mortar and sniper fire, and multiple Improvised Explosive Devices at the forward edge of the security wall, SGT Constantine distinguished himself with great courage during multiple day and night operations at the tip of the spear. Charlie Company, 3rd Platoon, moved both dismounted Soldiers and mounted sections along the security wall while emplacing barriers and manning over-watch positions along Route GOLD to support the operations.

SGT Constantine continuously displayed aggression and unwavering courage throughout attacks and precision fire from the enemy. During operations in the face of enemy contact, SGT Constantine led his team to clear numerous rooftops to make certain that additional medium machine gun support-by-fire positions were established. These positions ensured further over-watch positions were supporting ground Soldiers conducting barrier emplacement. During the insurgent ambush, his machine gun team ensured that maximum firepower was available to counter-attack the enemy forces. SGT Constantine’s courage, technical and tactical knowledge, and determination enabled him to ensure the continuation of the construction efforts to the barrier security wall mission.

SGT Constantine epitomized the Warrior Ethos while he continually exposed himself, under direct fire and threat of Improvised Explosive Devices, in order to deny the enemy’s main effort to restrict freedom of movement of fellow Soldiers. His actions ensured the preservation of all assets required to emplace and complete the barrier mission along Route GOLD. SGT Constantine’s discipline and strength of character under fire demonstrated the attributes that an NCO should have and demonstrate to his subordinate Soldiers. His actions demonstrated during the battle of Sadr City will be an example for all NCO’s to emulate.

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