Double Portion

In 2 Kings 2:9 when Elisha requested, “please let me have a double portion of your spirit upon me,” Elijah’s reply was, “you have asked a hard thing, nevertheless . . .” Nevertheless implies: it’s gonna be tough!

Then Elijah went on to say “if you see me when.” We might ask “when what?” Here are some possibilities: when the hard times come, when the paycheck stops, when the pastor doesn’t return your calls, when you don’t want to pray, when you don’t want to praise, when you just want to give up. But nevertheless – you press because that’s where the double portion is: beyond what you can do, beyond your ability, your education, your faith, your friends, beyond your circumstance!

You must come to the end of yourself. That’s where you find Himself in yourself. Where you find more than an anointing, more than a job. This is the place all men and women of God eventually come to the place of destiny. Remember Patch Adams learning to look past his four fingers to see eight? Like him, we need to look past our circumstance. What are you focused on? Your bills or the answer? Your failure or success? Your lack or your abundance? “Nevertheless if you see me.” That’s where your double portion is . . . past your circumstance.

We have an announcement that will thrill your hearts: Pastors George and Clarice Fluitt asked us to be the senior ministers at Eagles Nest beginning in June. Many prophets have given confirmation. Our ministry in Houston is by no means finished, so don’t quit on us, we are not quitting on you! A minimum of once a month we will be coming to Houston for Friday meetings that will rotate among the churches where we already meet. Our schedule will be in our monthly newsletter. It may be tight financially but God has spoken and where He guides, He provides. We will keep our current P.O. Box and our commitments to you. God is simply expanding our tent stakes. We are excited to the max about assuming this new responsibility while maintaining our current commitments.

God Has Said!

Sincerely yours,
Michael Constantine

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