In Just 24 Hours

In Just 24 Hours

In Chapter 7 of Genesis a flood came. A flood so powerful that it overpowered the rivers, hills, and mountains. Then after forty days as quickly as it had started, it stopped. The entire planet was now covered with water and everything that had breathe died. We know of the story of Noah. I mean we all have seen “Evan the Almighty”.

Work with me for a moment on this. What about the Lord? Have you given any thought to how this must have affected Him?  For one thing, imagine with me for a moment. He drowned Noah’s family.  All but eight survived.  What if you had to do the same thing?  How would you feel?  I know you feel like taking your teenagers out in the woods and burying them at times.  My wife contemplates burying me at times also I am sure. However, I want you to think on these very real terms.  Think how grieved you would be after having killed your very own sons and daughters. No matter how bad they were, you would be devastated.Now what makes you think that the Lord felt any different?  He didn’t, he was more devastated than you can imagine. This went against God’s nature for God is love. He does not have love ~ He is love!

The spiritual is not first, but the natural is first, then the spiritual. God opened a natural window and flood waters covered the earth.  Forty days later the natural window was closed and the rain of destruction was stopped.

Now in the last book of the Old Testament we find in the third chapter of Malachi what I want to term as the “Malachi Promise.” The promise of influence, prosperity and righteousness will be poured out.  A spiritual window will open.  It is called a “Window of Blessing” so great you will not be able to contain it. The four rivers in the Garden of Eden were called increase, fruitfulness, rapid and breakthrough.

An unjust balance is an abomination to God. Jesus must tip the scales and pour out a blessing that will cover your earth, “thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” It will be rapid, quick. It will bring increase and bear much fruit.  You have cast your bread on the water and the many days are over. It is now returning and bringing a breakthrough to you and your family.

In II Kings Chapter 7, the prophet said, about this time tomorrow a measure of fine flour will be sold for a shekel. This is at a time when the people were eating their children and pigeon dung. It was said that pigeon dung was being sold for large sums of money. There was a man leaning on his staff that said something that cost him his life. “If the windows of heaven opened this would not happen.”  God said through the prophet, “Oh it will but you will not eat of it.”

In twenty-four hours God turned the situation around. The Lord wants to bless us not kill us. The enemy of God mocked the window who is none other than the door also.

In 24 hours Jack Bauer is not coming to the rescue.  He is out on a writer’s strike and can’t help you. The Lord of the breakthrough, “The Breaker”, is tipping the scales and with the same measure of destruction comes construction.  In the flood everything that had breath died. Keeping in mind God stated in His word an unjust balance is an abomination. Therefore everything that is dead will be made alive.

He must tip the scales back the other way. Therefore, the same measure of the flood of destruction must and will be met with an equal measure of blessing, but not for everyone.  Remember the guy that leaned on the staff and mocked the window.  We have leaned on the staff (Jesus) and praised Him for the window. Now we are in the season of the “open windows”, the beginning is at hand.

May you have a Prosperous, Influential, and Righteous New Year.

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