Haiti: Judgment From God

Haiti: Judgment From God?

Yes, it’s a fact that back in the seventeen hundreds the magistrates of the era made a pact with the dark side to remove Haiti from the French rule.

Haiti: Judgment From God

Yes, it is true that Haiti was in fact removed from French dominion. I saw Christian leaders on international television and cablevision saying that this catastrophic event was a direct judgment from God because of the oath taken some three hundred years ago by Haitian leaders.

As the world watched the news being sent out from Haiti, I along with many of you saw and heard men and women running through the streets shouting, Jesus save us. I saw a particular woman who had lost both of her children and had to “discard them”(in her words). What she was saying is she tossed her dead babies in a ditch. The newscaster asked her what was she able to save from the rubble. She looked at her tattered and torn Bible and said, “only my Bible”, then she prayed for God’s mercy.

I have more of those types stories as I am sure you do as well, and some of you even more. But the point made was this. The Lord says He has held his peace long enough. He is not a God who crushes children under buildings because He is mad at them. He no more holds those children responsible for words spoken hundreds of years earlier than He holds the church in the USA responsible because some of our unbelieving political leadership and extreme left media people who are trying to take “In God We Trust, One Nation Under God, and Merry CHRISTmas” out of our vocabulary.

Let me make myself perfectly clear, just in case you are not able to hear what I have said so far….God is not mad at anybody, He poured all His wrath out on Jesus! Man has been reconciled by the Blood of Jesus. All of those who are blaming God for earthquakes, tsunamis and carnage let me quote them a scripture “it’s a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God!

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