Your Cause Has Purpose!

From the beginning of our nation, we were put in the position to rebel or submit to British rule. We all know the road we choose to travel. Our forefathers chose the path that our nation has endeavored to stay fixed on from the beginning of our very being.

Our spiritual D.N.A. has been forever encased in the arena of cause! We shall now and forever be rebels with a cause. From the first time we said “yes to Jesus”, we said “no to the world.” We have rebelled from the world’s actions, methodology, tactics and peer pressure.

Cause and purpose can be interchanged. Without cause you have no purpose. Without purpose you have no cause. Herein lies the battle. When a product such as a lawnmower breaks down, where do you take it but to the manufacturer? For the simple reason the manufacturer knows the purpose of the product and is well able to find the cause of the breakdown. We do not take a lawnmower to a hairdryer manufacturer for the same reason. Come on, it does not get any easier than this. The hairdryer manufacturer does not know about lawnmowers, it knows about hairdryers.

When we are in need of repair physically or spiritually, we certainly do not go to the lawnmower or hairdryer manufacturer or a physic practitioner. We go to our manufacturer because He knows our cause and our purpose.

Now we are in crisis, at the very door of what some of our end time brothers call the battle of Armageddon. And the anti-Christ is about to be revealed, so don’t take the mark of Bill Gates and use Windows (ok, maybe they’re not saying windows. (;~)

Do not forget that THE PSYCHICS ARE OUT AND THE PROPHETS ARE IN! Men who know the purposes of God are ministering His word to the most powerful men on the planet. Therefore, give no place to fear because fear brings with it company. The company of fear is torments (1 John 4:18). Did you know fear is mentioned in the word 400 times? Fear distracts us from our purpose. You see, the nation of Israel became distracted. The giant took their mind off of the cause. Therefore, they could not see past their fear and peer into the purpose, cause is to bring. And cause always brings change and change brings you closer to breakthrough.

We may be uncertain; however, we are not unclear. We are on the brink of a breakthrough. With the natural eye it looks impossible. Remember, we are rebels who do not think with the natural mind. We have revolted, broken ranks and will never return to the way the natural man engages in natural war.

We must have clean hands and a pure heart for the days and nights ahead. These are exciting yet very troublesome times. Remember, Peter was the one that asked, “If it be You, Lord bid me to come”…. In the midst of the storm, we cannot refer to the way we knew it to be. We must seize the moment and do it the way the Lord told us to. Without fear, without doubt and with purpose, we must rally to the cause and rise to the demands laid before us. Warriors, we must seek the face of the Living God as never before.

We are at a literal crossroads. The world is approaching critical mass and only the church can rise up to be the light force, the hope source of cause and purpose. Yes, seven more years of war, yet if our hands are clean, we shall see seven fat years of spiritual plenteous.

“Expect the unexpected in March. What you will see will not be, and what you do not see is what shall be.”

Sincerely yours,
Michael Constantine

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