What’s My Line

I saw the movie “Catch Me if You Can” not long ago and one of the opening scenes was of the great imposter on the television show, What’s My Line. He had two other imposters who were trying to convince the audience that they were the great imposter. Interestingly enough, they were imposters of the imposter.

They all answered questions about life as an imposter and the imposters and the great imposter would answer. Then inevitably, the end of the half hour comes and for the first time they all have to be real but even then they try to fool you. First one begins to stand; stopping with his hands on the table he looks at the other imposter, or is it the real imposter or simply the not real imposter of the great imposter. Then another one starts to stand while the first and the second one are playing “it’s you, it’s me”. The third one now starts to stand, then the first one sits and starts to stand up again and while you’re looking the host says “would the real imposter please stand”. It’s now as if you’re at a tennis match and your head is turning to the left, then right, then back to the left, halfway back to the right, then back to the left again. And you say to your self or out loud even “that’s him, no wait that’s not him, that’s him, no then who is that one”. And finally the real fake stops faking and you see the real imposter stand up perfectly straight. Of course he can not stand perfectly straight because he’s crooked anyway.

For decades humanity has cried out with questions endeavoring to find our Jesus for themselves. They have asked the humanist, the scientologist the hymnologists and some have even asked their proctologist question after question in their quest to find our God for themselves. They have seen and heard it all just as you and I have, and some still are. The church is crying out for the real Jesus to please stand up.

We are tired of three point messages that are forgotten before the cafeteria line even starts. We have heard about our personalities and our user friendly termed sermons and are ready to see the real LORD JESUS, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, that Pearl of Great Price to stand up and say. “I Am that I Am”.

We don’t want anymore hype. No one needs to rev us up. We are the ones who have come too far and refuse to turn back. We just simply need The Real Lord Jesus to stand up amidst all this confusion and put the imposters to the sword so we are able to see plainly the mission that He has set before us.

These are the times when like never before, we need to stand in the midst of the camp of the adversary with the same conviction we experienced on the mountaintop and we must declare it in the valley. Although we are in the season of the witch, it is not the season of the ditch. Witchcraft is being poured out like never before. False religion is causing an onslaught that has the country once again split down the middle just like four years ago. The big difference is this time we have been engaged by the enemy and we are striking back.

Once you take on an enemy, there is no going back. The whole idea of our adversary is to distract us from our mission with things that don’t really matter.

This may offend you about the Iraq prison scandal. It’s unfortunate for sure, however, let us get this into its proper perspective. Before the entire world, American Daniel Pearl was viciously and barbarically beheaded. The world gasped, but reality had not sunken in. Then, Nicholas Berg had his head sawed off. That was news for two days. Yet a few bare bottoms and the country is in an uproar. This should have been handled by the military and never been a CNN issue. Now, two more humans have received this inhuman death sentence, American Paul Johnson and South Korean Kim Sun-il. A distraction . . . the imposter is standing up.

We were sent to Iraq to bring the Kingdom of God (freedom) to a Godless nation. What about the 99.9% of our soldiers, our sons and daughters who are in harms way and getting blown up by some brain washed kid who thinks by blowing himself up with and killing our brothers he will live an eternity with one hundred virgins. The imposter has stood up long enough. It is time that the enemies of the cross are struck down.

It is not that the Lord is not interested in weapons of mass destruction, He is. However, He is more interested in the Kingdom of the LIVING GOD and His Only Begotten Son JESUS CHRIST. Let us not forget “The nations are for our inheritance and the ends of the earth for our possession” (Psalms 2).

Do you realize if President Bush does not win the election what will take place? The opposing side has already proclaimed what the first measure of rule will be. They will pull the troops out just like in Viet Nam. That gives the Jihad nations control over 75% of the oil. We would never go back even if Israel was attacked.

The church must turn out like we did for the movie “Passion”. The Real Jesus is standing up and ready to do battle. Have you not read what and who His weapons are?

“YOU are my battle axe”
“YOU are my weapons of war”
“With YOU I will destroy nations”
“With YOU I will destroy horse and rider”
Jeremiah 51

Decide this day who you will serve.
As for me and my house we will serve the LORD – not the imposter nor the imposter’s of the imposter (Joshua 16).

Sincerely yours,
Michael Constantine

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